My Faith in Christ

My Faith in Christ

My faith in Christ grows exponentially with each passing day. I was always more than just a one time of the year Christian, but growing up as a kid, I was just looking to get out the door to play video games or hang out with friends. I did not really understand the severity of the spiritual battle we are facing on this Earth. I was not listening or paying attention to the historical and archaeological evidence that gives believers more talking points against those who choose to denounce Jesus Christ. Through my own spiritual journey, I have discovered Him in ways I cannot put into words, but I am going to try my best.

    Before Christ, I considered myself a believer in God and a believer in a deity that did create this world, but a skeptic in the man who called Himself Jesus Christ. I believed in the heavens, but maybe not so much in hell. The more I learned about history, nothing definitive stuck out to me and I was accepting the opinions of others as facts. I did not want to go to Sunday School or attend Mass, but as I grew older, the more I appreciated my parents making me. I did go through a public education, but I always had spent a lot of time around the church. Through Sunday School, Mass on Sundays, and Boy Scouts, my parents instilled a Roman Catholic atmosphere that gave me the foundation I have today.  My father is a Norwegian Lutheran and my mother is an Irish Roman Catholic. We prayed before meals and I received the sacraments of Holy Communion and Confirmation. During Boy Scouts, our meetings were at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. We stayed at churches on civil war sites and I truly discovered what it meant to be an American Christian. I had a great childhood, but I realized as an adult that when disaster strikes, we have a choice of whether to denounce God and be angry with Him, or embrace Him and seek His wisdom.

    By the age of eighteen to twenty two, I went through the college phase. I accepted other people’s views as facts when they denounced Christianity instead of seeking the actual Bible. I went to school for history, but the focus was never on the good things about Christianity. All I learned about was the bloodshed, the anti-gay message, the lack of evidence, and the atrocities of colonialism. I realized in the past few years that I should have attended a Christian university. The more I learned and discovered about the persecution of Christian culture, the more I grew towards it. I was not going to church regularly during this time, but every now and then with my mother. I would say this was the span of my life that I was furthest from God.

    In the past few years, I met an amazing woman who is now my wife. We are getting married in the Catholic Church and have been doing our marriage prep for the past year. This is the time where my faith in Christ has exploded. I feel Him in my heart every day going through our lives and Jesus Christ is at the center of our relationship. Bible study is a part of my daily regimen, not as a chore, but as a part of my life. Anytime I feel as if my day is strained or I have strayed from a positive mindset, I go back to the Word. I go back to the Bible application on my phone, my physical Bible in my car or next to my bed, an action Bible graphic novel I borrowed from my nephew, or a documentary. I felt the need to hang up relics and to immerse ourselves every single day in Christ. We listen to Christian meditation music in the morning, touch our crosses before we drive, and attend church regularly. These changes I have made in my life have made me the man I am today: a man who is committed to Jesus Christ. I feel as if our nation, needs to get back to these Christian values in order to reach our true potential. We need to come together as Christians, regardless of race or ethnicity, and appreciate our heritage as Americans. The one thing that most of us can agree on is our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, and I believe it is my destiny to deliver this message. I started the American Crusader to do just that. I hope I can change people’s lives, the way Jesus Christ has changed mine.

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