Bible Verse of the Day: 05/19/2018

Reading the Word of God has really changed my life. A new peace of mind has cultivated itself through my own personal Bible study. Using the Bible Application from YouVersion has allowed me to connect with the Lord everywhere I go. I also keep a Bible in my car and one above my bed. I have grown to need the Bible’s presence at all times. It gives me the sense that the Lord Jesus Christ is close by. Like He is watching over us and protecting us from danger. I feel as if through my own marriage prep and by going to church regularly, I have completely changed my outlook on the world and have given my soul to Jesus Christ. I feel calmer and ready to take on whatever challenge awaits me every week. It gives me the motivation I need to never give up and to keep persisting in all aspects of my life. Our spirits need that rejuvenation and repetition every day and every week to handle all of life’s challenges.

Our Founding Fathers kept their persistence and their faith in Christ. During the treacherous times of the bloody American Revolutionary War, the Continental Army needed the Bible to keep their spirits rejuvenated. They turned to the Lord Jesus Christ to help them persist through those harsh winter conditions of the North East. Christianity was at the center of their free spirit, because without Jesus Christ, George Washington and the American Revolution may have not existed. Free will, liberty, and freedom sculpted the Declaration of Independence through their own thoughts and devotion to religion of Christ. No matter what denomination they were, the Patriots came together in the name of Jesus Christ to create the best nation in the world, the United States of America.

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